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In the summer of 2013, the band was hired to be mentors, arrangers and provide all the live music as the house band for a TV pilot show called “Houston’s Got Talent,” hosted by Antoinette Robinson. While performing over the years at many high-profile private parties – including “Night of Jazz,” sponsored by Shell Corp. – RADS Krusaders has also performed at the Taste of New Orleans Festival (put on by the Zulu Association), the 90.9 KTSU radio station festival in Houston, the Lake Charles Jazz Festival and the International Jazz Festival of Houston. Allen says, “The best part of our shows is receiving the energy from our audiences. We love it when people are dancing and truly engaging themselves in the music we’re playing. Instead of looking at us as an art form, they look at us as a fun form of art. They appreciate the way we dance onstage when we play, and our ability to provide entertainment value as well as incredible music. We like to say, ‘We can bop you to death, but we choose not to.’”

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